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 Published: 6/7/2012 1:53:20 AM

“The best part of any journey is the path taken to reach its destination." - Captain Phil

Final Farewell on the High Seas

Burial at sea is an ancient funeral custom that has been practiced by many cultures throughout the world. The tradition endures to this very day as people continue to search for meaningful and dignified ways to say goodbye to their loved ones. When cremation is chosen as the method of final disposition, “burial” at sea is still an option, but it is more accurately known as scattering at sea. Many people take comfort in the simple act of returning the cremated ashes of a loved one back into the waters of earth.

Sea of Eternity, a professional scattering at sea service which operates from the south shore of Long Island, New York, offers a very unique and personal way of celebrating the life of a loved one. Both unattended and attended ceremonies are available from Sea of Eternity, and they are performed by Captain Phil, who holds a United States Coast Guard Masters License (50 gross register tons).  

On the day of the ceremony, up to three people will embark from Jones Inlet aboard the Bella Vita, a 25-foot, 2001 Parker 2520 XL. They will then travel three nautical miles off the coast into international waters where the ceremony will be conducted. The captain will begin the service by first reading a scripture or poem of your choice. Then, depending on your preference, the captain will either place a floral wreath into the water, scatter the ashes into its center, and set wreath adrift, or if you’ve chosen to use a biodegradable urn instead of a wreath, the captain will place the biodegradable urn into the water and set it adrift with flower petals. The precise location of the scattering ceremony will be recorded.

Sea of Eternity will file all the necessary documentation for the scattering with the appropriate governing authorities, in full compliance of both local and federal regulations. Due to weather and sea conditions in the Northeast, Sea of Eternity operates from mid-April through mid-November.

Sea of Eternity Rates:

- Unattended Scattering Ceremony - $175.00
- Attended Scattering Ceremony - $325.00 (1-3 passengers)
- Peaceful Pedals - $200.00 additional
- Floral Wreath or Biodegradable Cremation Urn (included in both Unattended and Attended ceremonies)

In addition, a certificate suitable for framing is included which contains the following information:  

  • Time and date of the ceremony
  • Latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Distance from shore (minimum of 3 nautical miles)
  • Depth of water
  • Vessel name
  • Port of departure

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